A single WooCommerce Product list, across multiple domains, manageable through a single WordPress instance.

Create a network of shops running on different domains, manageable through a single instance of WordPress ( stand-alone/Single Site ) and WooCommerce. Take advantage of unique features like Single Product List, Global Cart, Global Users, Unique Stock Management, Unlimited Domains, Single / Split Shop Checkout, and many more.

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Unlimited Shops / Domains

Through the WordPress dashboard, add Unlimited Domains within a dedicated interface, to create more shops that will share the same WooCommerce Product List.

Each of the new shops can be customized individually and use their own themes, widgets, texts and settings.

Individual products prices and content can be set per shop based, if apply. 

Single Product List

All Shops will share the same WooCommerce Product List for easy management, which includes the prices, stock, categories, etc.

Individual Price and Content can be set for specific products on certain shops/domains by administrator role. 

All New Products become available for other shops, or Visibility attribute can be used to control the appearance opportunity for a specific domain. 

Global Cart

The cart is maintained globally across all domains rather than individual shop. A customer can purchase products from multiple stores add to the cart without losing the other products. 

Any product type (simple, variable, grouped, external, etc.) can be used with the global cart functionality.

The global cart provides an outstanding experience for customers, they can navigate through the shops while keeping everything in the same cart.

Single / Split Shop Checkout

The Check-out workflow works the same as default, using the theme/WooCommerce default templates.

The process can be set to run on a specific shop – Single Check-out type, or it can trigger at each of the sites which contain a product in the cart – Split Shop Checkout

The Checkout uses the same configuration for the shop that is being used. Any coupons, shipping rates, shipping classes, etc., are being inherited from the current shop.

Unique Stock Management

Being built on top of a single WordPress Instance ( Single Site ) there will be a Single Product List. Internally, All Products are linked to the same objects making the maintenance a very easy process, any change is available globally to all shops.

Sharing the same object-product, Stock Management is an automated process, the WooCommerce core decreases the stock on New Order or increases accordingly when Order Canceled.

Individual Product Control

The Product List can be managed globally, a product update reflects on all shops accordingly. Or specific attributes can be modified for Individual Products, like Price and Content for each/specific domain.

Product Visibility attribute is manageable for administrators and shop managers to hide or show for specific sites.

Individual Content can be set for a product in a shop or another, like translation for a different language or a description to better match a specific marketplace.

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Our clients feedback

These are success peoples testimonials who increased revenue and market share after using our plugin.

Mark Tomlinson
Mark TomlinsonDeveloper

What if you could manage your store using a single WordPress instance and the power of WooCommerce on multiple domains? With this plugin, you can access and manage your entire store through a single dashboard. It’s really that easy to run e-commerce!

Lisa Allman
Lisa AllmanMarketing

Best Product, Ever!! It’s wonderful. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from using WooCommerce MultiDomain plugin. You can get more customers, earn more money, and grow your business. Is the easiest solution to get your WooCommerce shop through multiple domains.

Daniele Alford
Daniele AlfordStore Manager

Managing a large and growing WooCommerce store can be a pain. That’s why we purchased the WooCommerce Multi-Domain, a plugin that lets you manage multiple, interconnected WooCommerce stores from one WordPress instance. Whether you’re running an e-commerce site for different departments in your store, or just want more control over domains, this is the plugin for you.

Philip Benson
Philip BensonCEO

A very positive experience, I was very impressed with your professionalism and willingness to help. After using this plugin, our store increased its reach and became visible to a lot more customers by allowing it to exist on various domains.