Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress WPCommerce Multi-Domain plugin?

The plugin allows selling the WooCommerce Product list across multiple domains, along with many improvements like global cart, single manageable Product List, unique Stock management etc.

Which are the requirements for the plugin to run?

The plugin requires a single stand-alone WordPress instance ( not MultiSite environment ), minimum version 4.4 Also WooCommerce 3.0 and higher, need to be active on the site.

Can i add different domains to the shop?

Yes, you can assign unlimited domains to the WordPress site.

Using multiple Domains for the same Shop is bad for SEO?

Generally, if the domains use the same content, that affects SEO. The plugin allows each of the domains to be configured individually. So it’s the user’s responsibility to set unique themes, menus, widgets, pages for each of the site.

Can I select what products to be available for sale on specific domains?

Through the product dashboard interface, visibility and availability can be selected individually for each of the assigned domains.

Can I select a different price for a product on a specific domain?

Yes, individual pricing can be set for each of the products, depending on the domain, or the default price will be used instead.

Can i use some products only for a specific domain

Yes, availability for specific products can be set for certain domain/shop.

The Product Content can be different from a shop to another?

Each of the product’s content can be set differently for individual domains if necessary.

Can i customise each of the domains sites appearance individually?

Each of the domains can run it’s own WordPress Theme, widgets, menus etc.

Is the plugin suitable for use on WordPress MultiSite?

No, the plugin required WordPress stand alone ( default ) install. For MultiSite capabilities, please check with WPCommerce MultiSite Global Cart

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